35,000 adventurous words written


Good progress is being made in writing my gamebook adventure Beyond the Morning Mountains. Numerous improvements have been implemented to my original structure and many of the general gameplay ideas, the battle system has undergone further adjustment, and a new gambling dice game has been devised. Above is a sneak peek at part of a new illustration from the forests of Quahnarren and many other images are in various stages of design and completion. Plenty more work to do though …

Great statues and sacred trees


New content has been added to the Landmarks and Locations section, detailing two new significant areas of interest across Quahnarren. These new illustrations are supported by descriptions of their history and importance, which also expands on the early beginnings of Quahreni culture and the ancient Guahn nation.

The adventure begins


Tales of Quahnarren is a long-term work in progress and will continue to naturally evolve as new ideas and developments become part of this fantasy world-building project.
This site has been created to bring together all the various components into one themed place, as previously new content was only featured on the Art of Rylee blog, which was not dedicated to the project itself. Initially posted is all of the currently existing content, together with some new creature and spirit descriptions, notes on the history of Quahnarren, plus a detailed map showing major features of the landmass and all of the significant human settlements.
Enjoy the site and forever keep your imagination active!