Supporter Pack

The Supporter Pack features two key components: membership in the Quahnarren Adventurers’ Guild, and the Adventurer’s Almanac. As a QAG member you will be able to access exclusive benefits in future ToQ interactive adventures – rewards that can only be unlocked via your membership number of this esteemed fellowship. The Adventurer’s Almanac has been created for fans wishing to immerse themselves deeper into the history of my imagined world. It offers greater knowledge and reward, and also includes two exclusive gameplay challenges for players to undertake in Volume One.

All Supporter Pack items will be sealed within a cellophane bag, and will be sent from South Australia securely protected inside a Poly Bubble Mailer with additional card backing. Each pack will cost AUD$12.00 plus appropriate postage to your destination, as shown below. Orders can be emailed to me, with payment made via PayPal or bank transfer.

Note that new Quahnarren Adventurers’ Guild members need to provide the exact name they wish to add to the Bookplate and Members Card when ordering – a unique number will then be assigned to that individual to access future gameplay benefits available only to QAG members.