‘Beyond the Morning Mountains’ gamebook


Tales of Quahnarren: Beyond the Morning Mountains is an ambitious new entry in the fantasy gamebook genre. The first books to be written in an ongoing series exploring the Quahnarren continent, this initial two-part adventure will feature:

• An extensive and elaborate story comprised of approximately 2000 sections and over 280,000 words.

• Multiple directions and paths to choose from as you head towards Liust, offering considerable exploration opportunities and replay value.

• An enhanced battle system for resolving encounters, empowering you to use momentum won in battle to inflict heavy damage.

• Individual character customisation and attribute enhancement via improved clothing and armour, equipment and weapons.

• A richly detailed fantasy world overflowing with unique settings, locations, characters and creatures, and filled with endless memorable experiences.

• Moral and spiritual decisions to make that may ultimately help or hinder progress on your journey south.

• Professionally designed and illustrated with full-page (both colour, and black & white) and spot illustrations.

• Additional RARE items, offering unique abilities and bonuses to aid you on your journey.

All editions of Beyond the Morning Mountains also feature bonus content including: short fiction; articles detailing the history and characters of Quahnarren; a comprehensive ‘Creature Compendium’; many bonus illustrations; and author’s comments about the development of, and future titles in, the Tales of Quahnarren series.

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