New year, new content

Despite surgery and ongoing health issues, and moving again to another town, I’ve continued to work on Volume Two when able, writing and illustrating various smaller pieces to complement the main adventure. Recently completed is ‘A Strange Tale from Lukerm’s Tavern’ – a short illustrated story added as a bonus to the back of the book. In it a lean man named Aeyric tells the tale of the luckless Ehmul Vaunarr to a traveller resting at Lukerm’s Tavern in the coastal town of Thern; thought-provoking in nature, this piece expands Quahnarren’s lore and history regarding unusual spirits and otherworldly happenings often unseen.

A deadly dual threat to assist against multiple opponents

I’ve also completed the illustration for one of the new RARE items available in Volume Two (see above). The slim Twin Knives of the Silver Moon offer the player enhanced opportunities during battle, increasing inflicted damage and therefore your chances of success, while restricting the abilities of some opponents. Manufactured by unknown skilled craftsmen in the employ of the Silver Moon – a mysterious order of elite and deadly fighters – these thirteen-inch curved steel knives feature cutting edges that flatten at the tip, a silver-capped handle carved from the bone of a Bathouk, and the tang features an engraving of the order’s waxing crescent moon symbol.