December update and art preview


As 2015 comes to a close, progress continues on Volume One of Beyond the Morning Mountains and its upcoming release is within sight! All writing is complete, the time-consuming editing and checking process is now done, and plenty of new illustrations have been finished.
After much thought I’ve decided to initially offer a special (and exclusive) pdf edition of the book via Kickstarter in early 2016. This campaign will allow me to reach out to a broader audience to review and help shape the final product, ensuring that the eventual printed version is without any obvious or detrimental faults. The inexpensive special edition will hopefully develop a supportive community of backers who are willing to assist me, as a lone creator, in making a high quality product that will provide many hours of enjoyable gamebook adventuring.
Above you can see a partial preview of a few new illustrations. The total of images to feature in Volume One has continued to rise throughout the development period as I balance the overall book and provide the level of visual content that I believe the project demands. As of now, the book will feature a total of 45 full-page illustrations – a significant increase over my initial aim of just 25.
There will be further updates in the new year as the Kickstarter campaign draws near and the layout of the book is finalised. Not too long to wait now for all aspiring Quahnarren adventurers!

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