Mytago, a small publisher from the Czech Republic specialising in RPGs and gamebooks, will translate and publish Beyond the Morning Mountains for Czech speaking territories. They intend to print both volumes as full-colour hardbacks using my artwork, and this agreement caused me to consider how to best deal with the RARE items, which were available in English as an additional PDF purchase.

I’ve since made the decision to incorporate the RARE items into all versions of the books, so they are now included for free. However, using them must come with some sort of cost as they enhance the character’s skills and abilities beyond a normal level. Players wishing to use a RARE item will now be required to alter their starting health and amount of coins, so there’s an immediate decision to be made regarding overall health, wealth and abilities – and their impact upon the game’s difficulty – before beginning an adventure.

As a result of this decision a new Second Edition of BtMM, Volume One is now available as a PDF from DriveThruRPG, with printed versions currently in the production/approval stage for release in the near future (these are therefore unavailable until proofs have been checked and approved). Owners of the original version of Volume One can simply update their PDF to the new Second Edition, and those who’ve purchased a printed copy of the book can download free PDFs of the RARE items and the revised Instructions, Rules & Maps to add this gameplay enhancement to their starting options. Players who previously bought a copy of the RARE items can then choose to play with the old or new rules, adjusting their starting health and coins only if they wish to.

This Second Edition also features an illustrated Character Record with space provided to note a RARE item, an updated map of Quahnarren, and revised location maps for Ustahm and Balquis.

Additionally, a free PDF document of the new Character Record and Battle Boxes is available to download via DriveThruRPG, offering three versions of the CR: colour with background, colour with no background, and grayscale with no background. This provides printer-friendly options for people printing at home in either colour or b&w.

The upcoming Volume Two of Beyond the Morning Mountains will feature a lengthy bonus section detailing each of the 60 major cities and minor towns that are shown on the map of Quahnarren. These short descriptions will reveal a little of each settlement’s fascinating history and significant events, describe its notable landmarks and places of interest, and identify important persons or colourful local characters.

Part of this content will then also be added to the upcoming Adventurer’s Guide – an online encyclopedia summarising the who, what and where of Quahnarren. I still have a large number of entries and illustrations to complete before the Guide is ready to go live, but it is coming along quite nicely so far, and its development is assisting with my ongoing world-building and the planning of events during the later stages of the second book.


    • Thanks Ray. New content will be added to the site sometime soon.
      I’m really happy with the illustrations I’ve created for Volume Two so far – I think they’re a genuine step up from those seen in the first book.

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