Progress on Beyond the Morning Mountains, Volume Two

Ongoing health issues have restricted my ability to complete BtMM Vol.2 in an acceptable timeframe, however, the creation process continues to slowly move forward and the adventure currently consists of approximately 98,000 words. I’m expecting that this second gamebook will be longer than the first (greater than 1,000 sections), although the length won’t be resolved until I’ve reached a later point, closer to Liust, where I’ll finalise my desired player options and determine exactly how many sections are required to conclude the narrative as I wish. The delivery of the completed book may be seriously and frustratingly delayed, yet it’s shaping up to be a very entertaining, varied and at times challenging piece of interactive fiction.


2 thoughts on “Progress on Beyond the Morning Mountains, Volume Two

  1. I certainly hope you regain your health, i’m sure it must be frustrating. Really enjoyed the first book and look forward to the sequel. All the best.

    • Hi Stephen,
      Thanks for your comments. Yes, the ongoing health issues are VERY frustrating, although I do seem to be gradually improving over the last couple of months. Great to hear that you enjoyed adventuring in Vol.1 – book 2 will still take some time to complete, but it will offer a broader, more difficult challenge, with a few new features and game mechanics, plus heaps of varied situations and dangerous encounters.

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