The long road to Liust

Slow but steady progress continues on BtMM Vol.2 as I finish writing the latter sections of the adventure. The book currently consists of 1800 sections / 290,000 words, however, I will be deleting and/or rewriting numerous sections where I’ve added too much content while devising events featuring complex choices. I’ll also be completing a thorough review of the incomplete text before beginning to write the conclusion in Liust, as this is the first point since the morning after departing Balquis where all pathways will converge, so it’s a logical place to pause and check for critical mistakes, and make needed improvements or adjustments while they’re still easily fixed.

At the moment I’m working on an illustrated map for a small settlement named Karraq, and have recently created a map for the quiet village of Vantohr (small preview shown above) – both are located south of the Morning Mountains, surrounded by plentiful fields and forest.

Although only a small settlement of farmers and other tradespeople, Vantohr provides many desirable goods and services for passing travellers, and offers a secure place to rest or stay overnight. The village also contains offices for Warden Vharssen, and barracks for her mounted guards. Stern and efficient, the Warden is widely respected due to her low tolerance for selfishness, deception and any unlawful activities.

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