The pandemic of 2020 has already caused numerous issues and great suffering for many people, so the ongoing delays to the proofing process for my updated Second Edition of Volume One were nowhere near as problematic as what others have experienced, yet were still immensely frustrating as time endlessly dragged on. Finally, after six months of corrections, postal delays, lost proofs and more waiting, Beyond the Morning Mountains is once again available in print in full-colour from DriveThruRPG – now in both soft- and hardcover.

The books are also offered in two print qualities: ‘Standard’ and ‘Premium’ (superior premium paper with high-quality colour), which will hopefully provide better presentation options and price points for purchasers to choose from. Note that although ‘Premium’ colour is a visibly better product, featuring improved colour depth and vibrancy on better stock, the ‘Standard’ quality is still decent, being equivalent to other Print-on-Demand products such as the original printed version of BtMM.

Additionally, this Second Edition features a few extra pages for the included RARE items, yet the softcover is now cheaper than the original printed book (previously offered elsewhere), which was several dollars more expensive. Along with other small design and content adjustments and enhancements, I think this updated version of Volume One is excellent value for all the adventuring it contains.