I’ve made a satisfying amount of progress in recent months, writing new sections and editing / overhauling existing text in need of minor improvement or fundamental changes, and I’ve also created several new location maps and other illustrations of varied complexity. Additionally, some new rules have now been clarified (Vol.2 contains many situational special rules, especially for combat), and the overall gameplay balance and consistency across the different pathways has been improved. The book currently features 311,000 words / 1920 sections, and there is still a sizeable quantity of unwritten encounters and events to add before it’ll be finished.

Stop for a rest, a drink, or to engage with locals at The Blood & Rum in Karraq.

Above is a preview section of a new illustrated map for the quiet village of Karraq, which is located 13 miles to the north-east of Caelen. Although only a small settlement, there are a few interesting events to become involved in here, including a battle that could result in serious personal loss.

In Karraq you can: explore the steep-faced chasm and its cavern containing a well; purchase quality merchandise from Khaffersan’s Store; enter the forested area known as Grimmens’ Playground, where it is said that these diminutive spirits are often seen; visit The Lady in Memani’s attractive garden; or stop at The Blood & Rum tavern to meet a few of its patrons – some of these individuals may even choose to be friendly to a passing stranger.